Friday, December 18, 2009

My Dear Friend Jason Mitchener is HOME!

It is so hard to sit here and type those words for the title- but now I am trying to deal with reality- that he and I would talk about each time I went up to see him. We would sit there for 8-10 hours and talk about everything in life-- and he had one amazing life.

He was so humble. So true. So caring. So loving. And when he saw anything he felt needed correction-- stood up for his belief thru Christ!! And that was how we first met in January this past year- when I first started twitter. He simply saw my tweet- and it said something to the matter- when I was suffering pretty bad with my illnesses- I typed-- it just will be amazing when Jesus comes to get me!!! And he came back with-- something like -- No-- I want to live as long as I can-- no matter how stricken I am-- it is all for His glory--to bring more to Home to Him. ---- That woke me up again... and we built an amazing friendship--- and I am one to quickly ask him which facility is he at.... and bout a week later I was there with McDonald's he ordered- as I asked what I could bring. Each time I went up- I always brought him outside meals-- so it was "close" to getting outside. For a while-- he gave up Diet Coke for God-- any soda-- and I would bring him tea always--and he used that fake sugar!!! It was so amazing-- from day one-- such a humble, kind amazing soul... just kindly asked if it would bother me if I fed Him??? Didn't Jesus wash the disciples feet??? Jesus Christ-- our Lord and Savior-- humbled way below the fact HE IS GOD-- to wash THEIR FEET.... We are talking this amazing soul-- who always walked in Jesus' path-- once he found him... just in the nick of time-of his major suffering to come.... OF COURSE I COULD FEED JASON... or anyone. He would me any day of the week if he could--- he already had done so much for me...

We both shared amazing family life stories.... we both have the part where you live and learn-- and the part you just always love so much. That is family. And it is always a blessing to live and learn-- no matter how we do it-- as long as we get the LEARN part in.

I would be up there for hours--- his art was amazing---his music he wrote--his stories by his father--- I now have his book, tape, and art-- in my home--always--that I purchased face to face!! Stored up there in these amazing stacked boxes- all over-in the bathroom-he always knew where to send me!!! I bought for myself-- and also for others. I always knew where everything was located in that packed 8x12 half room shared. We'd talk from around 5-2:30 am...

The last talk was a tough one-- was right before I had to head out for Alabama-- for my MEG test--for my brain surgery to come. And right before I was leaving he was just in tears about life... and I stayed longer---we talked about how we WILL make it better... when I get back from my MEG-- we will make signs-- and certain schedules-for the nurses-when not in any trauma. And the fact he could only sleep on his left side-which stared at his cupboard--we were going to put up a sign-- uplifting words thru Christ. I came back from the MEG test I had done in Alabama-- and came down bad with H1N1 for a month. So I couldn't visit....

I was going to go up a week ago-- but was told by a family member- he wished I would not-- but if my gut said something else thru Jesus-- to proceed... I didn't want to step on family toes. So I waited.... My birthday was the 15th... I swear God had given me this weird feeling all week up thru THAT NIGHT of my birthday to go up-- but I waited-- didn't want to leave my husband on my birthday. Then it led to me heading up there day and a half after---as I said-- missed early post by his brother on his FB site-- as for I was getting ready for my doctor appt for my vertigo issue. Then went shopping for his Christmas gift-- doctors-- hit the freeways..............................

And I miss him so much. He is so loved by so many. SO MANY!! And those who met him--supported him-- Mike-- if you somehow catch this--THANK YOU-- you were one amazing soul for him!!! And dear Paul-- YOU know he is with Jesus--WOW! Jamie Lynn--- you will always be loved... As well as Third Day-- Bebo Norman-- His precious family--- I thank God for your amazing son/brother/nephew/grandson etc--you all had a major role--and I thank you--- and everyone!! He just amazed me, touched my heart, moved me, inspired me, and still does!!!!

He had amazing plans that God saw thru-- all this year he has had this van needed work-- to start-- tires, oil--etc--- got it finally going with help of many on twitter!! And his mom was able to insure him on her car insurance-- and he'd just get one trained or take a respiratory therapist with him-- to drive him to churches so he could speak- giving his testimony that touches the heart of so many!! Let's others know God will see you thru-- use ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! And just as all this came together-- was when he got sick and Jesus saw he accomplished all he had

Jason-- as you know-- I have been bawling-- and that is weird for me-- as you also know--- so you are truly loved and amazing--full of grace and mercy like Jesus.... know my husband's heart goes out-- and my precious daughter was bawling when I finally got home--- she loved you so much!!! We all always will-- as you keep your fire going--ALIVE up there with Jesus!!! If you can-- when I bawl-- just touch my shoulder-- tell me it's all ok..... maybe it will calm....

Will be amazing to see you there!! Dancing!!! Love you always my dear friend... keep dancing til I am there too!! We all will dance together with Jesus and Third Day!

In my Arms tight thru Christ,




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palmerlarryray said...

I only had the chance to chat with Jason a time or two online but he was a wonderful individual. The world has lost a very great person. May we all take comfort in the fact that he is home now.