Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faith is ALIVE!

Here is a story of courage-testimony-that was lived out this far-and is still being lived out as I type!! He has such a heart for all thru Christ! He sure has been talked to thru our Lord! And--as we all are, impatient at times-especially in the beginning of our walk with Him. We have more "why's" and "what's" --that in time turn into more patience and "I trust and love You-thru all of this-knowing YOU have plans!" And HE DOES! Thru every trial-UP and DOWN-desert or mountain-HE HAS AWESOME PLANS ALREADY LAID OUT! As we cling to Him! And Sergio may be far in distance from me-but close thru Christ! And thru his testimony you will see amazing points and others that are in need of prayer-but we know-GOD already has His hands on it all! As he clings tight to Him!!

I have always believed in God and still do. Although for most of my life I believed in "God" through another faith, that of Hinduism. I always tried to make a better connection to our Father but to no avail. My family was very strict about their Hindu faith. However as well meaning as it was I  did not feel happy.  
I was always fearful and felt constricted and in bondage. I felt overpowered by other members of my family. I wanted to stand up for myself, feel that I was a full person, but I could not. My family members filled me with fear about going out with other boys to a sports event or party. The fear they would put into me was that I would be kidnapped... or worse killed in a fight etc.
Whilst, a Hindu I attended a Sunday School class. I must have been around 10-12 yeasrs old. I was struck by the beauty  of the teaching of the ten commandments. It has stayed with me always. I went onto university, got married , had 3 children , then started to build this house.  
Everything went wrong. 
I kept seeking God and doing prayers to the Hindu gods, for things to come right. To no avail. I was getting into all sorts of bizarre problems. I continued to earnestly seek for God, for peace, for deliverance.  During this time my 4th daughter was born. Things went from bad to worse financially. I tried other faiths and visited their priests. One day I met one of these priests who had recently began turning to Christianity. In this priest's home I found a copy of a book "The Power of Posiitive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. It was an eye-opener to me. I then turned to the bible and the words almost leaped of the pages to me. It was like coming out of a long-long dark hideous tunnel into an oasis of peace and light. I gave my heart of Jesus Christ then and there. My body shook uncontrollably as the Lord poured out wave upon wave of His Spirit upon me. I felt so peaceful. This was it what I had been searching for my whole life. A relationship with the living GodSince then the Lord has taken me through many trials and hardships. But I remain firmly anchored in Him. This is because I remember how He rescued me out of the pit of darkness and brought me into His glorious light.

God bless you!

Sergie Subramoney @eagle_high

Proverbs 16:17  The path of the upright leads away from evil; whoever follows that path is safe.

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